Planning for the unknown is tricky. Projecting what a client may need in terms of future healthcare is especially tricky. Mortality tables can help determine the likelihood of someone living into their 80’s or 90’s, but they’re generalizations. Those tables don’t consider an individual’s health history or family genetics, nor do they predict the likelihood of specific healthcare needs such as long-term care.

But what if you had the ability to use individual data to project what healthcare needs and costs a client may encounter? Wouldn’t that be a useful solution to help clients plan for their future?

Using HALO to differentiate your practice

Now you have the ability to do just that. Genivity’s HALO (Health Analysis & Longevity Optimizer) combines science and financial planning to better project a client’s future healthcare costs. Developed by experts in computational genetics, data science, and health IT, HALO provides an individualized risk assessment based on personal health data.

Using HALO is simple. It’s a quick, guided process that not only produces a detailed report tailored to your client, but it opens the door to what some may think are difficult conversations. HALO will help facilitate the discussion about your client’s future healthcare needs and costs, how they can plan for that, and how other family members will be impacted. You’re not only serving the client, you’re helping them take care of their whole family.

HALO provides you with an extraordinary opportunity to better serve your clients by helping them understand how personal choices now can better prepare them and their entire family for tomorrow.

Read about how HALO has helped other advisors

Other financial and insurance advisors are using HALO to better serve their clients. As an example, Erik Olson, an RIA headquartered in the Chicagoland area, recently began using HALO in his practice. Already he is engaging more new clients and building trust with existing ones.

In one case, by using HALO, Erik was able to help a couple discover that the wife had a shorter life-expectancy than her husband – definitely not what one would expect using traditional mortality tables. But through that discovery, Erik was able to help the couple modify their insurance and estate planning to more accurately match their risk. They increased protection for the husband, avoiding a potential financial shortfall for him in the future.

This individualized planning was not possible before HALO. Understanding what health-related circumstances the future may bring, and then planning for that, creates an improved peace of mind.

HALO will help set you apart from competitors

Not only is HALO helping Erik better serve his clients, it is separating him from his competitors. Using HALO will set you apart and provide a competitive advantage over other advisors. With so much competition, it’s imperative to differentiate yourself. To succeed, you can’t just sit around and continue to do business as usual. Using innovative solutions such as HALO will set you apart from the rest of the pack and show your clients you truly care about them and their family’s wellbeing.

Ready to learn more? Read our case study and find out how Genivity can help you better serve your clients.