Retirement is more than just being worried about running out of money; it is the desire to live mid-life longer with independence and dignity.

In this webinar, Stephen Anton, Ph.D. and Fabrice Braunrot discuss the changing landscape of financial planning with regards to longevity. It’s well-known that medical advancement is keeping people alive longer than ever before. In this webinar, our hosts discuss how that will impact the financial situation of millions of Americans heading into retirement and how to properly prepare for longer life, and the costs associated therewithin.

During this webinar you will learn:
• The latest research on increasing lifespan for wealthier Americans
• How to help your clients prepare to live well longer
• A medical practitioner’s view on approaching conversations about end-of-life challenges
• The value of talking to your clients about longevity and helping them plan to finance it

You don’t want to miss this valuable information, so be sure to watch the replay and catch up on this impactful topic. It was our pleasure to host Dr. Anton and Mr. Braunrot. We thank them for sharing their knowledge with us and look forward to more conversations with them in subsequent webinar events.

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